Baby Brielle: August 20th 2017: Baby shower

Baby Brielle: August 20th 2017: Baby shower

Twinkle twinkle little toes,
Perfect lips and perfect nose,
Whatever date and time it may be,
Can’t wait to meet your brand new baby!

Pregnant belly, big weight gain
Swollen ankles, labour pain
Then the miracle of birth
Welcomes new life to this earth

Tiny fingers, tiny toes
Years of joy as baby grows
You’ll make a memory every day
To send your child along his way

Congratulations, lovely mum
It’s great to see your growing tum!
Your baby will be such a treat,
And make your little family complete

Welcome to your little one
We know that you’ll all have such fun
May baby’s birth be safe and sound
And bring great joy to all around

Cradle rocking, not much sleep
You’ll want to lie down in a heap
Feeding baby, wide awake
How much more can one mum take!

And then a magic baby smile
Makes every moment so worthwhile
Your heart will burst with joy and soar
You’ll be a parent for ever more

Maybe a girl, or maybe a boy?
Here’s something to welcome your bundle of joy,
With lots of love for both of you
And blessings for your baby too.


Venue: Surins kids world

Decor: Masmay Events Decor, Galina reflections, Eco world services linited

Catering: Jtino caterers

Coverage : Real Dreams photography

Entertainment: Mc Headboy

Cake: Pink Ribbon

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