Baraka’s Baptism: 26th June 2021

Baraka’s Baptism: 26th June 2021

Jesus Christ is your guide;
Listen and mind Him.

Honor Him in your life choices;
He is All.

Thank Him for your blessings;
They come from Him.

Respect His presence in all things;
Actions declare honor for Him.

Pray from the heart;
He will hear you.

Live a life in Christ;
Christ-centered life finds joy.

Even in times of sorrow,
God’s love brings peace.

By Kelly Roper


Venue| Kikuyu

Guests| 40 Adults 30 Kids

Concept & Design| Winnie Wendy The Planner

Styling & Execution| Kayluna Event Planners

Cake| Sweet n Tasty Temptations

Catering| Divine Caterers

Photography| World Cosmos Productions

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