Carol & Jotham :: Uni-Love: 12 Nov 2016

Carol & Jotham :: Uni-Love: 12 Nov 2016

Carol : I met Jotham at school (Daystar University) in January 2010…I was busy typing up  a script in the school computer lab when a guy walks up to me and asks if I know how to log in. I turned, looked at him and rolled my eyes… I mean… Who doesn’t know how to log into a school computer? He definitely did not look like a freshman. So anyways… I decided to be kind, show him to log on so that I could get back to my script. He sat down in the computer next to mine and he was just staring at my work (I found this rude) I tried ignoring him… But in the end he asked what I was doing and then he gave me his number claiming that he is a good script writer and he could help me out. Let’s just say he helped me out with my script and we fell in Love…  6 years 9 months later… We got hitched! I married my script writing consultant, Lol!


Jotham : I used to see her around campus, matching pink outfits, pretty face and a great figure. I was hesitant at first cause she was a freshman and I was one semester away from graduating. But my curiosity got the better of me and there was a time I almost talked to her but alas, I chickened out and the semester ended. Come next semester, I was afraid I wouldn’t bump into her again cause sometimes people move to the town campus called Valley Road, and I was a Day-bug now meaning I was no longer boarding at school. I remember I was so happy when my fears proved unfounded and I saw her. I promised myself to start a conversation  next time we met. I timed her going to do one of her assignments at the computer lab and we started talking, exchanged numbers, coffee dates and here we are…

“Genuine and true love is so rare that when you encounter it in any form, it’s a wonderful thing, to be utterly cherished in whatever form it takes.”

– Gwendoline Christie



Guests: 400 pax

Venue: Natare Gardens

Decor: Circles

Gown: Liana Bridal

Catering: Ozone caterers

Photography: Screen Factory Media

Entertainment: Kayamba Muzika

Cake: Ginahs Cakes

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