DAISY & PATRICK:December 9th 2022

DAISY & PATRICK:December 9th 2022

From this day forward, let us laugh together, and plan together, let us find our favourite places, and go together.  Let us enjoy the sunshine, and the rain, being alone together, and in crowds together.
From this day forward, together, let us love!

Let us walk together yet not as one, but such that our shadows are separate and distinct, such that our souls are unbound and free.  Let us share our time, yet do not give all your time, nor take all of mine for in order to develop to the fullest, to be free, we must have solitude and individuality.  Let me wander in solitude, when I need to be alone, yet be near, when I need you.

Give freely of your love, but do not smother me, my soul must breathe a free air.   Take my love, but do not demand it, for love given of obligation, is stale and without life.

Share my life, but do not try to shape it.   Let me share your life, but do not let it revolve around me.   Accept me as I am, do not attempt to change me to fit your dreams.  Respect me for what I am, not for what I was or one day may be.  Share yourself with me, but do not allow me to limit your freedom or bind your soul.

Let us share our minds, thoughts, goals, values and dreams.  Let us develop these within ourselves without restriction or loss of freedom.  Thus our two free souls, may wander together as they develop in freedom.

As we share our lives, as we walk thru life together, know my love is yours, but not my soul, for it must be free.




Guests: 200 pax

Venue: Green Garden School Rongai

Planner: Winnie Wendy the planner

Decor: Kayluna Events

Bridal gown: Zenayla Bridals

MUA: Makeup by Nimmoh

Hairstyling: Bridal hair by Marion

Catering: Divine Catering

Entertainment: Mc Asika

Cake: Sweet ‘n’ Tasty Temptations

Photography: Kiss the Bride

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