Maureen & Kevin :: A Facebook Love : 22nd Oct 2016

Maureen & Kevin :: A Facebook Love : 22nd Oct 2016

Maureen : I got a friend request on Facebook from this black, masculine, handsome guy.I decided to accept and then he in-boxed me.I was scared and thought it was my ex-boyfriend who was sending me messages using another profile.I decided to be harsh to him,so the beginning was not that easy. He would call and I would not answer and when I do , I would just be mean. So he thought we were not meant to be,therefore he went missing in action for two months.

Kevin: After that I came to Kenya to find this beautiful girl. We set a date to meet and when I saw her I knew  she was the one …the rest is history.

“We’re all a little weird.And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisyinng weidness-and call it love-true love.”

-Robert Fulghum,True love


Guests: 300pax

Venue: Baptist Gardens

Photo-session: Thika Greens

Decor: Destiny Gardens

Photography: Davesling Media

Catering: Jtino Caterers and Events

Cake: Sweet Inspirations Kenya

Entertainment: Sisimsha

MC: Kimari Maina

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