Nancy’s baby shower: 20th December 2020

Nancy’s baby shower: 20th December 2020

Ten delicate fingers
And ten plump little toes,
Two big eyes and a
Cute button nose.

Soft tufts of hair
As fine as angel floss,
Warm and fragrant, and
Soft as new moss.

Chubby little legs with
Little dumpling feet,
Tiny arms that one day
Will give hugs so sweet.

There’s nothing like a baby
To prove the reality of love,
Just hold one in your arms and know
It’s a gift from heaven above.

By Kelly Roper


Venue: Byfaith gardens
Guests: 20pax
Concept & Design: Winnie Wendy the planner
Decor: Kayluna Event Planners
Photography: Jusper JJ

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