Nyambura & Nyariki: 1st Love: 03 Feb 2017

Nyambura & Nyariki: 1st Love: 03 Feb 2017

Nyambura: We met back in 2010, thats when we exchanged contacts but we knew each other because and we used to say . After exchanging contacts we talked for a while but l wasn’t that serious,l had an issue because l was just fresh out of school and he plays rugby so l was a bit reluctant. Even though we used to communicate it was not official that we were dating. He asked me out in March 2011 and there was something about him that captured my attention but still, l didn’t want to rush into things because this would be my first relationship, therefore l was a bit scared. l started watching him play rugby and i would  hang out with him,  got to meet his friends and got to know him better though  l was so confused because l wasn’t ready to commit.

Fast forward there was a day he invited me to his house to meet his mum. He used to tell me he loves me so much and he will marry me one day, but i was like how now? He had just known me for a few months. When i l visited his home, he introduced me to his mum as the girl who has been driving him crazy. After a while we started dating officially. l fell for him day by day. He is a good cook, caring, so loving and he really loves his family – over protective hehe… and above all God fearing. Helping others is what he loves. On  May 22nd 2015 l was so mad at him he was working late and he didn’t communicate so l was super worried. At around  1 am he found me in the house so furious and he proposed to me, l was so confused, happy and scared at the same time but I said Yes  . l am so happy l never thought l would get married on top of it marry my best friend he is just the best…

Nyariki: I knew the brother well and knew he had a sister from way back but we were not tight as such. Then in mid 2010 i started bumping into her on my way to training as she was going home from school. Passed her a couple of times before one day i gathered courage for a wave, then a hi. It was my high point when going for training.. then one day i bumped into her somewhere in the evening and got her number after some convincing. we started chatting and she came for some of our home games before i finally asked her out. The rest is history…

“Love, like everything else in life, should be a discovery, an adventure, and like most adventures, you don’t know you’re having one until you’re right in the middle of it.”


Guests: 300 pax

Venue: Geranium Resort Nakuru

Decor: Galina Reflections

Gown: Bibi Harusi

Catering: Delicious Cuisines

Photography: Screen Factory Medi

Entertainment: Mc Justus Mwakideu

Cake: Sue Cake Creations

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