Shelly & Bonny :: An African Touch, Nov 5th 2016

Shelly & Bonny :: An African Touch, Nov 5th 2016

Shelmith: I met Boniface 3 years ago while doing a promotion on omo at Tuskys Utawala then we were just friends,actually I was in a relationship at that time. Our friendship kicked on from then and went on for 3 years now. We grew to be very close friends over time,friends who share even their relationships’ statuses ,like I would know if he got a girlfriend or even a break-up,and vice versa.

As time passed by,we were both single then we decided to date.That was 2015  October,and since then we’ve never looked back.

Boniface: On Sun 25th Oct 2015 at around 11AM, I received a message from Shelmith telling me she’s been dreaming about us dating.(Sema kufurahia)I brushed her off but deep inside,I was very happy since I knew the moment for me to open up had come.That night I gathered courage and sent her a very long message expressing the feelings I had.I did this at around midnight because I knew she was already asleep then I switched off my phone,I never wanted to get the reply immediately.

The following morning when I switched on my phone,her message is the first thing I received.At first I was very hesitant to open and read it because I did not know what to expect from it but I tok a deep breath and read my surprise,she had said yes and was ready to give it a try.The rest just as they ssay is history.


“The greatest marriages are built on teamwork,a mutual respect, a healthy dose of admiration,and a never-ending portion of love and grace.”-Fawn Weaver

@Kaylunaevents:Wishing you a blessed marriage.


Guests – 300

Venue – Carmel School Utawala

Decor – Masmay Events and Decor

Make-up – Make up by Shiko

Catering- Jtino Events & Caterers

Photograghy – Grapher Media

Entertainment – Kayamba Roots

Cake – Sweet Inspirations Kenya

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