Vallery & Edwin: Shades of blue: July 1st 2017

Vallery & Edwin: Shades of blue: July 1st 2017

Vallery: We first met in a birthday party of a mutual friend in January 2015…he was requested to drop us at donholm, which is a totally different direction from where he stayed. It didn’t click my mind that one day he will be the man I’d tie a knot to! I  forgot about him until when we met at a wedding committee of the same mutual friend later that year,that was September. A few chitchat on IT stuffs and that was our first conversation.
Our friend Nancy noticed how we chat that evening after the meeting and went ahead to talk to Edwin about me thus making Edwin develop interest in me. On the other hand, another mutual friend then, coincidentally marketed Edwin to me. God has his own way of dealing with situations. 
 Edwin: We were quiet for a while but started chatting on facebook. I noticed we had some things in common and conversation went on well. We met again during a wedding committee for the same friend. I invited her for a date at java so as to have uninterrupted time together away from the meeting. After spending some time together on the wedding day of our friend, we decided to take the friendship further and that is how we officially began dating.



Guests: 350 pax

Venue: Maro Gardens

Decor: Masmay Events Decor

Catering: Delicious cuisines

Coverage : Real Dreams photography

Entertainment: Mc Headboy

Cake: Cookies & crambles

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